New LR20L Series Landscape Rakes

Frontier Equipment
Key Features
  • Adjustable tines
  • Steel tines and waffle plates Angled tine beam
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Adjustable tine beam
Multiple positions for desired raking profileMultiple positions for desired raking profile

The tine beam can be adjusted to five different forward raking positions and three reverse raking positions, allowing the operator to choose the desired raking profile.

Strong steel frame
Tubular steel frame for maximum supportTubular steel frame for maximum support

A strong 76.2-mm by 76.2-mm (3-in. x 3-in.) steel frame supports an angled tine beam for superior performance.

Steel tines and waffle plate enhance durability
Steel tines and waffle plateSteel tines and waffle plate

Standard-Duty Landscaping Rake models feature high-strength, formed box-type tine beams, constructed with a slotted bolt-in mounting system. The spring steel tines are spaced at one-inch intervals for exceptional performance in pick-up, grooming and material distribution.

This mounting not only ensures positive spacing and alignment over each tine, but it also makes replacement fast and easy, saving time and money.

Compatible with Category 1, 3-point and iMatch™ hitches
Hitch hookup is quick and easyHitch hookup is quick and easy

The Standard-Duty Landscape Rake Series is compatible with tractors equipped with Category 1, 3-point hitches and is also iMatch compatible, which ensures quick, efficient hookup.